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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring cleaning and mountain hiking.

We have spent the week-end at our cabin. Saturday was for spring cleaning. We usually do this one day during Easter break, but this year it was no time for it so we decided to go back this week-end to "do our duty". Marta and a friend of her also went with us.

The cabin is not very big, so spring cleaning only take a few hours. Marta and Elisabet played outside while Terje and I worked. Three bedrooms and a combined kitchen and livingroom / diningroom. I actually love the cleaning / tidying part in this little doll house of ours. So much easier there where we have so little things. There are very few cupboards or wardrobes, so it is always important to throw away whet we never use. This year this meant a few old pairs of shoes, some old colouring pencils and papers and a couple of worn out board games.

Saturday it was a little coudy and also some light rain showers. So it was great to woke up this morning to a blue sky, hundreds of birds singing and very mild temperatures. We had breakfast and packed our backpack for a mountain hike. We have a favorite mountain where we love to hike. Hadn't planned to go there this week-end actually, we were afraid that the paths were too wet so early in spring. But Marta had told Elisabet so much about this "huge" and wonderful mountain where you had to do "real mountain climbing" to reach the top. And with two motivated girls we couldn't say no of course. And it was GREAT. Not wet at all, and the view from Høvikfjellet (The Høvik Mountain) is absolutely gorgeous. Marta ran most of the time, Elisabet had to struggle a bit more. And halfway Terje and I were afraid that we wouldn't make it. But after a rest Elisabet was fit again, and wher we reached the top everything was great.

I discovered halfway that the battery in my camera was dead, so the pictures are from two years ago.


Anonymous Darla said...

Love your cabin Britt-Arnhild. The light is wonderful. Must be a joy for your family to be there.


3:32 AM  
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