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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Traveler's Notebook

For Christmas I got a traveler's notebook. The giver know my love for travels and for diaries, and this was the perfect gift. I use it whenever I travel, write a few sentences, or a whole page. And know that this will be a wonderful keeper.

On top of every page is a quatation from a famous man (or woman) and listen to what is on top of the page where I am writing right now:
"What I most regret in the particulars of my not having kept a journal of my travels" Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

I can not say that same. For more than ten years now I have kept journals from my travels. I use spiral bound hardcovered book, and I write in the right page during the travel, and keep the left page blank for photos, tickets, bills, postcards and so on. I have a wonderful collection of such travel books.

A couple of years ago I was asked by the church of Norway to go to the UN General Assembly in New York as an observator for two weeks. A wonderful opportunity, and of course I had the most wonderful time. More than 40 years ago my grandfather was asked to do the same by the Norwegian government. One of my brothers still has his passpost from that travel, and also a Bibel he was given by the youth group in the Norwegian seamen's church in Brooklyn where he preached at least one time during his stay. I have been thinking alot about whet my grandpa did over there during his stay. Oh, what if he had written a travel diary! What a treasure it would have been for the family today.

I write the diaries while I travel, but it sometimes takes a long time to finish with the photos and everything when back home. But it really is part of the fun. Last summer we spent three weeks in Italy, and a coupld of days ago I finally finished the travel diary from these weeks. Please enjoy a few photos with me.


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