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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Student.....and a little spring sign.

I am a student for four years. Studying for a Master Degree in Valuebased Leadership. I do this on top of my regular job, and I do it because I like to study and this special study looked so fascinating. I started in August 2004, and will be finish, if I follow the line as I plan to do, in June 2008! I go to Oslo four weeks a year, the rest I have to do at home alone.

Not easy to sit doen with thew books when there are thousands of other things to do. But now ever I have to realise that the exam in May is coming close. I will have one exam in late May, three days working at home, and then I have an essay which is due in the beginning of June.

So now my days are filled with as much reading as possible on top of my ordinary everyday life. I've had a very good and restful Easter vacation, so I feel I really have alot of energy, and right now see now problem in this. And what is better than to sit out in a sunny garden studying. Since we are on summertime now the afternoons are longer. Terje and I ate our dinner out on the terracce when we came home from work today (Marta was with a friend, Øysten had gone fishing with a friend and Ingrid had already eaten). Then right after dinner Terje drove Ingrid to handball practice. I made myself a pot of coffee and brought it together with a mug with my favorite Jan Vermeer painting (The Milk Maid) and my book out on the terracce. Ha, if there will be many days like today I will have no problems when the days of the exam come :-)

And before coming in I found a tiny little spring miracle, the very first primula flower. Praise to God, our creator. Spring will come this year also.


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