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Monday, March 28, 2005

Waiting for spring.

Spring is my favorite season. With all its anticipation, with everything coming to life, with its longer days, with hope for a long and warm summer!

There is still alot of snow in my garden, but with the sun and mild temperatures we have had these last days it has been melting fast, and the first signs of new life can be seen. The weather is overcast today, so my plan of sitting out to enjoy the sun will not come true. But my plan of bringing out a few of my garden books from the shelves can nobody take away from me. Four of my favorites are laying here in the table close to my computer while I write this.

Traditional English Gardens - Published in Assosiation with the National Trust. A treasure chest of beautiful photos and information about beautiful English gardens. Victorian Flower Gardens by Andrew Clayton-Payne, where one can only dream one self into one of the paintings, feeding the hens, playing with the cat, smelling the lilacs.An Englishwoman's Garden by Helen Penn, a favorite for many years, not at least due to the beautiful front photo of an old garden bench with a basket of freshly cut flowers and a lady's straw hat causually hung on the bench. And the last one my all time favorite, Tasha Tudor's Garden Book.

So with the sun hidden behind white clouds I will still have a little sunshine indoors enjoying a few of my garden books.

(By the way, today I have showed you only English garden books. My Norwegian ones must wait for another day)


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