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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Back home.

I am back home from my week in Oslo and will post a few of the birthday pictures I promised you.

This has been a beautiful and sunny day. It is Saturday, but since I have been away all week at had to go downtown to my office in the morning. Worked for a few hours, but was very happy when I could close the door and activate the alarm. Took a short walk in town before taking the bus back home. Nothing is like sunny spring Saturdays in Trondheim. The town is brimming with life. I opened my mind and enjoyed it all, even sat down on a bench in our main street, Nordre gate, for a short time with a cup of coffee and a "vaffel", sold my students to raise money for Blue Cross.

Back home Terje was busy changing the car tyres from winter till summer tyres, and also cleaning the car both outside and inside. I have told myself that this spring there will be only a minimum of garden work for me, because of the upcoming exams. But since I have been to school all week I gave myself two hours. And it really made a change in the garden. I loved sitting down afterwards enjoying beds, birds, sky and life.


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Blogger Barbara said...

New blog, house cleaning, everything new. Also a new year for you. Happy Birthday. Loved seeing your dining room and I guess and such b eautiful windows to see the snow through when you are tucked up cosy.
Thanks for your comments. I have another chapter up.

10:04 AM  

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