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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Birthday and Studies

I am in Oslo all week for studies. Flew down Monday morning, and will return by train Friday afternoon. I had hoped to keep up with my blog during the nights here, but last night I discovered I didn't have to program on my laptop for downloading photos. So all my photos from the last week will have to wait till I am back home again.

It was my 47th birthday on Sunday, a perfect day :-) I woke up early and had almost two hours by myself before the rest of the family could be heard. I love the quiet time, and really didn't mind. Had breakfast, read, and opened the gifts from my penpals - mostly books, which I always LOVE. When Terje and Marta woke I got my present from them, a mp3 player, which was on top of my wish list. Øystein helped me to fill it with music, so I now have The Barber of Sevilla by Rossine, Vivaldi's 4 Seasons and alot of Verdi arias with me. Great.

In the morning I took a long hike in the forest. It was snowing quite heavy, and I loved being out all by myself, and decided that big snowdrops in my hear on my birthday must mean good luck for the year to come.......

Here in Oslo I stay with a cousin of my mother. She is really spoiling me. Breakfast is on the table when I woke up in the morning, dinner is on the table when I come home from school, and later in the afternoon we have coffee, we watch television, we knit and we listen to music. I am knitting on a pair of very fancy summer socks for Marta, much like the ones I knitted for Ingrid during Easter but much brighter colours. They will be a surprise for her when I come home. Tomorrow I will meet a friend after school She is a knit artist, so we will have alot to talk about.


Anonymous Loretta said...

Happy Birthday a few days late! Much happiness and joy for you this year.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Dagmar said...

Dearest Britt, I am a few days late but hopefully not too late with my HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes. I have been in Cologne over the weekend to visit an uncle of mine and stay with a girlfriend and I, too am having school this week in Salzburg.

Love from Austria


3:00 AM  
Anonymous ardi said...

Hi Britt Arnhild,
Hope you post pictures of the socks. Am very interested - have a lot of patterns and have ventured off on my own with various patterns. Happy Birthday, belated though it is. Ardi

8:08 AM  
Anonymous carolyn said...

May the big snowflakes you walked with have been filled with wishes that come true for the coming year. Happy birthday friend, though belated. I enjoyed reading your post of your day.

6:57 AM  

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