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Friday, January 28, 2005

Long work day

Not much hiking or enjoying my house in the woods today. Instead I am working extra long hours. January is always a busy period for me at work with alot of planning and preparations for the months to come. And today is a day like that. It was still dark when I left my house in the wood this morning, and it is dark again now while I am still sitting in my office with a couple more work hours in front of me.

I have nothing to complain about though. It has been a day with few telephones and interuptions, though a couple of meetings have taken their time. My desk looks much more tidy now than what it did when I came this morning, and who else can say that after a long day :-). I have just been out to have dinner over at the Vietnamese restaurant around the corner. Took my book with me so didn't feel lonely a second. Didn't read much either actually, as I started to chat with the woman working there. And in two hours, when I must have managed to finish the difficult letter I still have to write today, my dh is picking me up and we are going to the theatre. The performance is an old Norwegian classic, Ann Margrit by Johan Falkberget - a performance I am looking very much forward to see. And even more because I am going there with my favorite person on earth. Sacred night!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hiking in the woods

After breakfast this morning I found my hiking boots and headed for a long and refreshing walk in the woods which starts right behind my house. It was wet and chilly, and the snow was soft and deep. It would have been easier to walk with cross country skis. But boots it was for me today.

The forest is always beautiful. It changes from day to day, or even from hour to hour when the light changes. I brought my digital camera on my walk today. Often I prefere to walk without, but I have realized that when I do bring it it halps me see the tiny details in a new way.

My favorite spots are where I find water. There are no rivers or lakes close to my house, but brooks everywhere, and with the mild temperature we've had this winter all of them were unfrozen and many of them were open. Others were completely covered by snow. I don't know what it is with water, but looking down in the dark deepness and the silence broken by drops falling from the nearby trees makes me see glimpses of eternity.

I didn't bring any baxkpack nor any food today. But I know I will as winter goes by bring many an hour out there, with or without backpack, with or without my lunch or my coffee bottle. Nature is a blessing, free for all of us to use.

Moving inn

My House in the Woods
I am virtually moving into my house in the woods today. You are welcome to open all my different boxes together with me.

Britt Arnhild